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Helping Non-Profits go Above and Beyond With the Power of Salesforce
About Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the Horizon is a consulting firm that specializes in technology solutions for non-profit organizations. Organizations are passionate about their causes, and we are passionate about helping them become more effective.

Non-profit organizations are usually born from passionate people who want to make a difference. But, solving the world’s challenges doesn’t come with a manual on operational effectiveness. Pledge management? Campaign reporting? Consolidating multiple mailing lists? It doesn’t exactly light the same fire as working to end crippling diseases or providing services for vulnerable communities.

That’s where Beyond the Horizon comes in. Our team has the one-two punch of proven technical and non-profit expertise that will make an organizations back office make sense so they can spend less time managing data, and more time making the world a better place.


Philanthropy Cloud provides world-class Salesforce technology with the unparalleled content and service expertise of United Way, who pioneered workplace giving. As the technology champion for United Way, Beyond the Horizon collaborated with Salesforce.org and United Way Worldwide to help develop the world’s first comprehensive corporate impact platform for companies like yours.

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Tired of old technology holding you back? We can develop and train your team on the solutions and processes that make the most of your resources. Most importantly, we stay with you until your teams become proficient with their new tools and processes.

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