Helping others do more good is our goal. Beyond the Horizon partners with nonprofits involved in philanthropy, medical research, the arts, and advocacy so that they can spend more time supporting the causes they feel so passionate about.

From large, world-recognized organizations like United Way, to local nonprofits like our beloved Undermain Theatre in Deep Ellum, Texas, Beyond The Horizon is committed to serving our clients with top-notch Salesforce solutions. We streamline processes, eliminate record keeping redundancies, and make client data accessible to the staff and volunteers on the front lines who need it most. This mean cleaner mailing lists, meaningful performance indicators for executive management, and better donor targeting for marketing and development programming. In short, through the power of Salesforce, we help our clients help others. No matter their mission or their size, we believe that our clients are changing the world, and it’s an honor to be their partner in doing so.

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