Our Process

We are a team of do-gooders with technology knowhow and nonprofit experience. We leverage this unique combination of skills to forge partnerships with our nonprofit clients. We want to get to know you and how your organization operates; but most importantly, we want to hear about your pain points and operational constraints.

Together, we’ll uncover where you may have too many manual processes and data transfer steps, audit your current systems to fully understand your ecosystem, or identify the need for a better experience for constituent acquisition and conversion. Our goal is to thoroughly understand your technology goals while incorporating your core needs around fundraising, volunteer management, programs, and events to create a comprehensive roadmap.

We call our approach the BTH Blueprint. Every client receives a blueprint and each roadmap is unique to your goals.

Read more about the key components which make up the BTH Blueprint:

Process | Systems | Data | Design | Insights | Engagement | Growth | Adoption
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Technical Transformation

We know you are busy. We have a flexible data migration schedule and take a phased approach to help minimize the interruptions to your day-to-day. First, we migrate sample data and provide you the ability to see and test the data. Once you are comfortable with the functionality of your new system of record, we will migrate all of your data.

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Salesforce Solutions for Nonprofits

We listen to your needs and partner with you to design a system that will serve you today and scale for your future. We offer solutions that leverage native Salesforce functionality wherever possible, use additional applications when it’s more efficient than reinventing the wheel, and employ custom development when doing so will best meet your organization’s needs.

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Engagement Strategy

Our consultants not only understand technology, we know nonprofits and demands placed on their in-house marketing teams. We work closely with you to identify key audience segments, ensure a seamless user experience for your constituents, and establish measurable goals to optimize your marketing tactics to drive growth.

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Data Insights

Our goal is to unleash your ability to create a 360 degree view of your constituents to drive engagement, growth, and impact for your organization.

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Support and Ongoing Partnership

After your successful implementation, we want to ensure you are fully leveraging your platform. Whether it’s ongoing support or staff enablement, we will be with you every step of the way to maximize your investment and set you up for ongoing success.

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Let’s Build Your Unique Blueprint

Together, we’ll thoroughly transform your technology needs and goals while incorporating your core needs around fundraising, volunteer management, programs, and events to create a comprehensive roadmap.

BTH Blueprint Phase 1: Process, Systems, Data, Design Adoption | Phase 2: Engagement, Growth, Adoption, Insights
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