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Federated Nonprofits

Technology Approach for the Federated Model

Federated nonprofits with a national office and geographically dispersed ”affiliates” are uniquely structured to serve as a distribution network for delivering programs at scale. This model also presents unique complexities when it comes to technology and data sharing. Many factors come into play such as the dynamics between the national office and individual chapters, funding, and capacity. Our team has specialized experience working with federated nonprofits to find the best path to meet your specific needs. Below is a continuum showing examples of technology structures we’ve put in place and some of the key considerations for each when evaluating a solution.

Technology solutions for federated nonprofits

Finding the Right Fit

Discovery and Evaluation Process for Federated Nonprofits

Finding the best technology path for your federated nonprofit starts with a discovery process. Asking questions to help evaluate the multi-faceted relationship between the national office and “affiliates”, understanding the goals and priorities of the organization, learning about the processes and pain points, the staff capacity and culture, the funding structure, etc. are all important factors. Let’s partner to find your unique path.


Tell us about the pain points you are facing today. What are your objectives and key results? Are those shared across the federated network?


The solution put in place should be right-sized for your organization. Budget and staff capacity to support the solution are important considerations when creating a technology ecosystem. How will the solution be funded and supported?


Dive into your operational processes. Are they standard across the federated network? Are there some that are shared and others that are unique?


We want to learn about your organization and the relationship between the national office and the “affiliates”. Is there strong alignment and communication?

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