Beyond the Horizon (BTH) is proud to announce our partnership with FinDock, a leading provider of payment solutions for Salesforce. This collaboration marks a significant stride in the realm of nonprofit empowerment in the United States, as it merges BTH’s commitment to making a meaningful difference with FinDock’s mission to revolutionize payment integration within the Salesforce ecosystem.

We understand the unique challenges faced by nonprofits. Our expertise in leveraging Salesforce to overcome outdated legacy systems aligns seamlessly with FinDock’s vision of making payments more than just transactions – opportunities to strengthen relationships and drive impact.

FinDock’s selection as a preferred payment solution partner for Beyond the Horizon underscores the shared values and objectives driving both organizations. By integrating FinDock’s cutting-edge payment solutions into Salesforce, we can empower nonprofits to streamline their operations, enhance donor relationships, and maximize their fundraising impact.

“We are thrilled to welcome Beyond the Horizon to the FinDock family as a Registered Partner in the US,” said Jessica Hood, Director, Nonprofit AMER at FinDock. “Their commitment to nonprofit excellence and their deep understanding of the sector’s pain points make them the perfect ally in our mission to revolutionize payment experiences for nonprofits.”

The partnership between Beyond the Horizon and FinDock represents a strategic alliance aimed at providing nonprofits with seamless, relevant, and personalized payment solutions. By managing payments directly from Salesforce, organizations can leverage the full potential of their CRM data to cultivate stronger connections with donors and stakeholders.

“At Beyond the Horizon, we believe in the power of technology to drive positive change for nonprofits,” said Julie Loyd, VP of Consulting Services at Beyond the Horizon. “Partnering with FinDock allows us to amplify our impact by offering our clients best-in-class payment integration solutions that align perfectly with their needs and goals.”

Together, Beyond the Horizon and FinDock are ready to revolutionize the landscape of nonprofit payment management in the US, empowering nonprofits to deliver more value, drive growth, and advance their missions with every transaction.

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About FinDock

FinDock is a leading Salesforce payment solution that transforms transactions into interactions. With a commitment to seamless, relevant, and personalized payment experiences, FinDock sits within the Salesforce architecture, providing extendable solutions for all Salesforce solutions, clouds, and customizations.