How to prepare for Hyperforce

Salesforce has started migrating orgs to Hyperforce in Summer 2023. You may have received emails from Salesforce confirming your nonprofit organization’s timeline for the migration. This guide outlines some steps you should take to prepare for the switch.


What is Hyperforce?

Hyperforce is Salesforce’s name for their next-generation infrastructure architecture. The infrastructure is built for the public cloud and is composed of code rather than hardware. This allows Salesforce customers more choice and control over data residency while benefitting from enhanced security and compliance standards. Hyperforce also increases agility with no downtime for releases and general maintenance, faster development and test environments, and other advantages with AWS. There is no additional cost associated with residing on the Hyperforce infrastructure.


What Should I Do to Prepare My Organization?

Following best practices including updating hard-coded references and allowing all Salesforce required domains, will help ensure a smooth transition to Hyperforce. During the migration, your org will be in read-only mode. The duration of the service downtime is around 3 hours so plan accordingly.


Additionally, Salesforce has provided a Hyperforce Assistant utility to walk you through the steps. You can begin to prepare, even before your environment is ready for the migration to Hyperforce, using this wizard in Salesforce Setup. Follow the steps below to use the wizard:


In Setup, search for “hyperforce” to find it:

Step 1: Learn has more detail on the benefits of Hyperforce and what it will mean for your organization.

Learn about the benefits of Hyperforce

Step 2: Prepare will walk you through steps you can complete before you move to Hyperforce.

Prepare for your migration to Hyperforce

In this step, you will:

  • check to remove hard-coded instance references
    • click to verify, and Salesforce will email you when it has finished checking
    • if you do have hard-coded references, it will tell you what to do to update/remove them
  • check connectivity to your Salesforce instance on Hyperforce,
    • if your Hyperforce environment is not yet ready, it will tell you to wait until closer to your upgrade window.
  • enable enhanced domains
  • allow the required domains to ensure you can access Salesforce content
  • ensure that you can receive email from Salesforce
    • you made need to talk to your IT team or whoever manages your email to confirm that the correct security protocols are set up

Step 3: Upgrade. If this step is grayed out and says “coming soon” that means you have some time before your upgrade is available. Check back closer to the migration date that Salesforce shares with you.

Upgrade to Hyperforce

We know nonprofit staff are busy, and it’s sometimes hard to plan ahead. If you need assistance getting ready for your Salesforce org to Hyperforce, let us know. We are happy to help!