The Client

United Way is the largest privately funded, mission driven nonprofit in the world, fighting for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every community.  United Way is engaged in 1,100 communities in the U.S. and another 600 communities across more than 40 countries and territories.  The organization reaches 60,000 workplaces with 48 million employees in the U.S. alone.



With connections to so many workplaces, including more than half of the Fortune 500, United Way identified both a need and opportunity to develop businesses into platforms of change, empowering employees to put their values in to action.  Together with they set out to empower employees to be citizen philanthropists and to leverage technology to transform philanthropy and translate individuals’ passions into action at scale.  By joining forces, United Way and decided to give every citizen philanthropist access to a marketplace of giving opportunities to transform their communities by engaging with the causes they are passionate about.

The Solution

 The solution was the development and launch of Philanthropy Cloud, a new product that combines world-class technology from with United Way Worldwide’s unparalleled expertise in workplace giving and community impact.

Philanthropy Cloud is a comprehensive platform for corporate philanthropy, populated with millions of opportunities for employees to give back, and helping companies successfully deploy it to their workforces.

  • It gives companies an advantage in the talent war, giving young employees more power to engage with social issues 24/7, and to connect with change makers and fellow employees.
  • It makes employee engagement dramatically easier, more efficient and more effective.
  • It helps companies streamline, modernize and expand existing philanthropic programs.
  • It makes measurement easier.
  • Its technology outpaces the competition.

As the technology partners for United Way Worldwide, Beyond the Horizon worked with to create the integrated product that revolutionizes employee philanthropic engagement in the 21st century.

With our knowledge of United Way Worldwide, a leader in the non-profit space, Beyond the Horizon provided the technology services and leadership for United Way’s integrated Salesforce environment that houses and distributes donation information for consumption by Local United Way offices.  Beyond the Horizon provided the following:

  • Program Management
  • API integration
  • APEX Code Development
  • Salesforce configurations
  • Quality Assurance Framework and execution
  • Release Management
  • User training and documentation


The Philanthropy Cloud platform has enabled United Way to better engage employees and match their values and interests to the needs of their local community. Since announcing the Philanthropy Cloud partnership in 2018, United Way has successfully added hundreds of companies to the platform, including the likes of Kellogg Company and Deloitte. Kellogg Company has been able to elevate it’s Kellogg’s® Better Days commitment to help end hunger and better engage its employees.  Deloitte is able to further connect its professionals’ volunteering activities to corporate giving initiatives.

According to Ann Edmonds, Vice President Product, Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud at United Way Worldwide, “Beyond the Horizon has been instrumental in our implementation and adoption of Philanthropy Cloud. They have a team with deep expertise across the Salesforce ecosystem and brought those skills and talent to build the integration between Philanthropy Cloud and our CRM. Beyond the Horizon understands our operating model and has helped United Way build the wrap around supports and services that make Philanthropy Cloud a success. They are an integral extension of our United Way team”.