The Salesforce Spring ‘23 release is around the corner. Depending on your instance of Salesforce, the release will hit mid January to early February. The release notes have arrived and they are jammed packed with updates. Here are 5 updates in the Spring ‘23 release that we are most excited about for our nonprofit clients.


1. Migrate to Flow for Process Builder

Salesforce is retiring Workflow Rules and Processes in the near future. The Migrate to Flow tool previously only supported migration of Workflow Rules. Now, the updated Migrate to Flow tool allows you to convert Process Builder processes into Flows. For more information, check out our guide for nonprofits transitioning to Salesforce Flows.

Why we are excited…

Salesforce Flow allows users to create complex automations with intuitive point-and-click tools. We love seeing functionality that makes our nonprofit clients jobs easier and more efficient so they can focus on making a difference.


2. Import Contacts and Leads with a Guided Experience

The new Guided wizard to import Leads or Contacts provides a simple step-by-step process to import a CSV file. Switch on the “Basic Data Import” in Salesforce Setup to enable this new feature and be sure to give Users import permissions for Contacts or Leads.

Why we are excited…

We know that many times nonprofit staff members have contacts living in multiple spreadsheets across their desktop. We always look for ways to minimize silos and manual processes. Any tool that makes importing a simple task is a win in our book.


3. Track Field History for Activities

Turn on field history tracking for Activities to track up to six fields for Tasks and Events. Pick which fields to track in the Object Manager in Salesforce Setup and find the Activity History list in the Related tab on the default event and task pages.

Why we are excited…

This update provides additional insight and could prove helpful when troubleshooting a potential issue.


4. Picklist Updates

There were a few picklist field updates as part of the Spring ‘23 release including managing inactive picklist values, and saving time managing custom picklists. There are also two new standard picklist fields available. Pronouns and Gender Identity are now included as optional picklist fields on the Lead, Contact, and Person Account objects. Use the default value sets or add your own values to get a full picture of your constituents. Be sure to review any privacy implications of collecting this data before adding the new fields to your page layouts.

Why we are excited…

Utilizing gender-inclusive fields will help boost data quality, build trust and allow nonprofits to engage with constituents in the ways they self-identify.


5. Account Engagement (Pardot) Optimizer

Optimizer gives you actionable recommendations to help maximize efficiency and get ahead of issues in Account Engagement. You also get a health score gauge chart for an at-a-glance understanding of the overall status of your account.

Why we are excited…

Many of our nonprofit clients use Account Engagement (Pardot). This tool provides greater control for nonprofit staff to keep their account healthy and running smoothly.