Ongoing Support and Partnership

Our approach: After your successful implementation, we want to ensure you are fully leveraging your platform. Whether it’s ongoing support or staff enablement, we will be with you every step of the way to maximize your investment and set you up for ongoing success.

Solutions tailored for your organization

Support Services

  • Ensure you are fully leveraging your platforms
  • Analyze your systems and help build a prioritized backlog
  • From troubleshooting to training, ensure you and your end users have what you need for ongoing success
  • Take your experience to the next level by building custom reports & dashboards
  • Streamlined case management to give visibility on progress

Proactive Planning

  • Proactive planning ensures you are prepared for new product releases to take advantage of the newest features
  • Help you look ahead and prepare for annual processes, events
  • By building in a way that leverages native functionality, we help make sure you’re better equipped to adopt newly released features with no redesign or additional expense

Client Success

  • Help you align and plan to ensure all users have an adoption plan that meets them where they’re at
  • Whole-organization approach make sure users from each department has what they need and a bigger picture approach breaks down silos
  • Identify and empower champions within your organization to sustain change
  • Provide training through immersive, hands-on courses, workshops and one-on-one guidance
  • Develop train-the-trainer approaches to build knowledge in your organization
  • Excite and enable with self-service resources and labs
  • Help monitor and nurture adoption, assessing where there are strengths and risks
  • Build adoption plans to ensure all of your users get the right information, at the right time
  • Strategic communication and incentives to reward your strong adopters and encourage others
BTH Blueprint Components

Technical Transformation

Our data team will consolidate data from multiple sources into a common model, de-dupe, and make your data available for consumption across your organization.

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Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Implementation

We listen to your needs and partner with you to design a system that will serve you today and scale for your future.

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Engagement Strategy

We work closely with you to identify key audience segments, ensure a seamless user experience for constituents, and establish measurable goals to optimize your marketing tactics for growth.

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Data Insights

We use industry defined data analytics methodology to help you get an insight into your data. Our goal is to unleash your ability to create a 360 degree view of your constituents to drive engagement, growth, and impact for your organization.

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