Data Insights

Our approach: Using the right analytics strategy, we’ll be able to help you understand important measures and answer key questions for your organization:

  • What is the current state of donor & community engagement, cultivation, and retention?
  • What are the contributing factors?
  • How is the future state going to change?
  • How can we achieve the ideal future state?

We use industry defined data analytics methodology to help you get an insight into your data. This methodology paired with visualization can reveal opportunities to drive deeper engagement through outreach strategies and return more data to continually improve insights of your core constituents.

Nonprofit expertise: Our Senior Consultants have a working knowledge of nonprofit data and a strong understanding of its use in business processes. We have an in-house software team with experience in data warehousing and pipeline solutions to pull data from multiple sources.


Solutions tailored to your organization

  • Flexibility: Step-by-step implementation of data analytics solution based on your input. Flexible strategy to change the course of the solution based on the data results and feedback.
  • Data Tools: Data Analytics tools are selected based on your budget, data size, complexity and vision. Our most used tools include Tableau and AWS Analytical services.
  • Data Visualization and forecasting: The data visualization process starts with helping with data organization, cleaning, and consolidating from multiple sources. Once we complete this process, we will be able to proceed with forecasting analysis.
  • Measuring KPIs: Our solution empowers you with the ability to track your organization’s KPIs and improve operational efficiency. We ensure you have the tools to build reports, create dashboards, and glean insights into your data.

Our data insight services are achieved by incorporating data driven solution design in all aspects of our project with you. Our goal is to unleash your ability to create a 360 degree view of your constituents to drive engagement, growth, and impact for your organization.

Additional Services

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Ongoing Support and Partnership

Whether it’s ongoing support or staff enablement, we will be with you every step of the way to maximize your investment and set you up for ongoing success.

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