The Client

United Way is the largest privately funded, mission driven nonprofit in the world, fighting for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every community. United Way is engaged in 1,100 communities in the U.S. and another 600 communities across more than 40 countries and territories. The organization reaches 60,000 workplaces with 48 million employees in the U.S. alone.



The Challenge
Independent Local United Way branches were working in siloed systems, with different processes, capturing different metrics, and were restricted with outdated systems because of cost.


The Vision

Deliver an affordable CRM solution that is easy to use, scalable,reliable, and provides centralized, secure, accurate, real time data to drive towards United Way’s mission by improving relationships with donors and corporate partners


The Goals
1. Provide a 360-degree view of individuals and companies
2. Drive efficiencies in engagement, recognition and processing
3. Streamline Shared Services for United Ways



The Solution

A Shared environment was introduced to house several Local United Way branches in the same environment with a robust sharing model and shared architecture.


The Result

“The BTH team has listened, learned and bent over backwards to be full partners with us. They clearly believe in the product and in our ability to transform how our network does business.“—Ann Murtlow, CEO, United Way Central Indiana

Local United Way branches will be able to share data across markets instantaneously, giving them a holistic look at a single individual’s relationship with United Way across the world. The end of fixed package software will allow for regular enhancement releases to address their evolving business needs and drive standardized business practices.

  • Standardization of data, donor networks, reporting, fees
  • Sharing donor information across markets
  • Consolidation of records
  • Leveraging the power of Marketing Cloud
  • Campaign hierarchy to organize and track fundraising & marketing efforts
  • Easier tracking of new/reactivated donor paths
  • Outlook Connector
  • Custom dashboards for Fundraising teams, workplace online campaigns, board giving
  • Much easier data extraction (30k in seconds!)
  • Streamlined Moves Management functionality with NPSP Engagement Plans
  • Chatter communication between staff
  • Consolidation of our Outbound Grants
  • Pledge Processing Times
  • Continually Improving System
  • Team Growth

“BTH has been an integral partner in our Digital Services work since 2016. They’ve helped us evolve from our initial vision of shared Digital Services, to the launch of Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud, to building out a full functionality, multi-tenant Shared CRM which launched in May 2020. This shared platform will be a game changer for the United Way network as we make an intentional shift in our value proposition and engagement strategies as a network to evolve into the Modern United Way. We truly could not have come so far, so fast without the dedication, thoughtful development expertise, critical eye towards sustainable development, and WONDERFUL, SMART BTH team members with us every step of the way. They are by far the best implementation partners I have worked with in over 20 years of platform development.” —Deirdre Asnis, SCRM Product Owner, United Way Worldwide