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This year, BTH is celebrating a decade of providing nonprofits best-in-class tools and service so they can make a difference in their communities. We already gave a look back into how the company began and some interesting facts about us, and now we’d like to share 10 thoughts from employees on what it’s like to be part the team at BTH.


What comes to mind when you think about working at BTH?

BTH’s flexible work environment helped me personally during the pandemic; looking back I’m proud of our biggest product launch that happened during the height of the pandemic.


Two big things stand out when I think of BTH – our employees and the care we have for our clients.


I love that at BTH, I get to work with my colleagues with decades and decades of experience in technology, consulting, and management and at the same time get the freedom to hire and mentor young professionals early in their career.


I enjoy working with so many different technologies and having the opportunity to do something different every day. The variety of challenges keeps my job interesting which I enjoy.


The camaraderie. There is always a fellow BTHer willing to help you in a pinch.

What’s your BTH origin story?

I came to BTH after my wife, who was also working at BTH, heard someone mention the word ‘Mulesoft’ and offered that her husband was constantly talking about the platform. It escalated from there.


I was interested in changing industries in my next role, and a dear friend recommended BTH. It has been a thrilling and professionally challenging journey ever since!

What stands out to you most when working with a client?

So far, my most rewarding client experience has been with United Way for Greater Austin. I am very excited to help them execute their vision – one robust CRM environment that houses fundraising, mission services, volunteer management, and marketing/engagement in one place. Taking clients from cumbersome, administrative heavy, siloed systems, to a streamlined, centralized data source, is my favorite thing. Hearing that clients learned so much more about their constituents by having one 360 degree view, and that processes that previously took several hours now only take a few minutes – is why I do what I do.


The icing on the cake is that I know the work we do at BTH impacts our clients, who are non-profits, help make a difference to the society.


When I see a client learn a new system we’ve provided well enough to come up with their own creative solutions. That is client empowerment in action!


Thanks to BTH’s own Syam Ramakrishnan, Sam Higdon, Brian Yri, and Suhas Thallam for sharing about their experiences at BTH. Interested in joining the team? Check out our open positions. Want to work together? Contact us to get started.