Salesforce Einstein '22

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New features will soon be available to Marketing Cloud customers with the Summer ’22 Release. Bringing several new ways to deepen engagement and communication with your prospects, donors and constituents, Salesforce will implement this release beginning June 4th through June 17, 2022. Three feature’s we’re excited to see in action are Conditional Completion Actions, Triggered Campaign Messages and the Einstein Engagement Frequency ‘What-If’ Analyzer’.

Conditional Completion Actions

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Salesforce’s rebrand of Pardot) customers will be able to use Conditional Completion Actions for even more precise personalization on their marketing assets. The new function introduces conditional logic in completion actions allowing for more personalized experiences if a prospect meets a certain set of criteria.

For those new to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, completion actions execute and automate basic marketing tasks built off assets such as adding prospects to an email list when they complete a sign up form, sending an autoresponder or assigning a prospect to a Sales Manager.

Conditional completion actions add another layer to the existing logic meaning you will be able to set an execution to run only if a prospect were to meet a set of criteria. For example, let’s say a prospect completes a form on your website and you want different versions of autoresponders based on the State the prospect entered. With conditional completion actions, Marketing Cloud can consider the prospect’s State, then execute different actions and send the appropriate version of the autoresponder email.

Triggered Campaign Messages

Using Journey Builder and Marketing Cloud Personalization (powered by Interaction Studio) tools, Triggered Campaign Messages deliver 1-to-1 personalized touchpoints at the most relevant moments. (Note: Triggered Campaign Messages are included in Growth and Premium editions of Marketing Cloud Personalization).

Pairing personalization with journey functionality lets you engage with a customer or prospect with actions like an email autoresponder, mobile app message or push notification based on their unique interactions.

One way nonprofits can take advantage of this feature is to monitor how people spend time on your website and set triggers such as a chat app message or follow up email with information based on how those people (or potential donors!) interact with your content.

Einstein Engagement Frequency ‘What-If’ Analyzer

The last feature we’re excited for, but certainly not the least, is the Einstein Engagement Frequency ‘What-If’ Analyzer. Available to Marketing Cloud customers with the Einstein Engagement Frequency add on, the analyzer lets you predict the impact of an email send on a segment.

A new tile will appear within the Einstein Engagement Frequency app showing insights on how many emails to send based on the current saturation level of your contacts. Knowing this saturation level helps you plan campaigns to retain or move contacts deeper in a path of engagement. For example, the ‘What-If“ analyzer can tell you how many emails a group should receive in the next 7 days to remain on target in a marketing campaign.

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Written By: Jacob Austin

Jacob is a Marketing Consultant Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) Certified within BTH’s Engagement practice with over ten years experience working with nonprofit organizations and governments to achieve their digital marketing goals.