Data Migration and Integration

Our approach: We know you are busy. We have a flexible data migration schedule and take a phased approach to help minimize the interruptions to your day-to-day. First, we migrate sample data and provide you the ability to see and test the data. Once you are comfortable with the functionality of your new system of record, we will migrate all of your data.

Nonprofit expertise: We have an in-house data team to perform a system of record migration to Salesforce from systems like Andar Enterprise, Stratus Live, or Raiser’s Edge. In addition to our expertise in migrating data, our Senior Consultants have a working knowledge of nonprofit data and a strong understanding of its use in business processes. This combination of skills enables us to not only transfer and transform your data successfully but to empower you to maximize the functionalities of Salesforce.

Solutions tailored to your organization

  • Data Tools: Experience with a variety of data tools for migration. We select the right tool based on your budget, data size and complexity.
  • De-duping and data analysis: Both data analysis and de-duping are a part of data migration and not separate, disconnected processes.
  • Data hygiene: Clean up standardization of your data is performed before migrating it to your new system.
  • Data visualization: Our data warehousing and software architect have the ability to consolidate and visualize data from multiple applications, databases and data sources.
  • Measuring KPIs: Ensuring your implementation enables you to track your KPIs and monitor the operational efficiency achieved with your new system.

Federated or Enterprise Nonprofit Solutions

We develop solutions to help federated or enterprise nonprofits more efficient and effective; gaining valuable insights across local markets. We offer data pipeline services that use AWS infrastructure to combine, transform, and aggregate data from multiple sources; including databases, APIs, FTPs, and even spreadsheets. Our data pipeline solution combines our data warehousing, data analytics and software development know how to ensure data quality.

Once we’ve help with your data migration needs, we can partner with you to focus on growth with our Data Analytics and Marketing and Automation services.

BTH Blueprint Components

Salesforce Solutions for Nonprofits

We listen to your needs and partner with you to design a system that will serve you today and scale for your future.

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Engagement Strategy

We work with you to identify key audience segments, ensure a seamless user experience for your constituents, and establish measurable goals to optimize your marketing tactic to drive growth.

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Data Insights

We use industry defined data analytics methodology to help you get an insight into your data. Our goal is to unleash your ability to create a 360 degree view of your constituents to drive engagement, growth, and impact for your organization.

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Ongoing Support and Partnership

Whether it’s ongoing support or staff enablement, we will be with you every step of the way to maximize your investment and set you up for ongoing success.


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